Farewell@The Manhattan Fish Market , SOGO


放工后,我,大姐,Athena和Pair Sun就到SOGO的The Manhattan吃晚餐,farewell一下!

:: 环境

:: The Manhattan Fish Market’s Menu

:: Ice Lemon Tea  RM 5.90

:: Seafood Chowder RM 7.90  &  Soup of The Day RM 6.90
我和PairSun觉得Seafood Chowder好喝一点,里面的鱼肉很爽吃!
姐姐和Athena就觉得Soup Of The Day 好喝~ (我觉得还好而已! 个人口味~)

:: Garlic Bread  RM 5.90

:: 受过专人训练~ 请勿模仿!! (eha~叔叔有练过哦!! 小朋友表乱乱学~)
有没有人觉得他很型很man呢??如果看中他的话可以到SOGO找他 :P

:: Man Seafood Plat Two   RM 42.90
地层是饭来的,然后料有fish&chips,炸蚝,炸sotong,虾, 不错吃下下哦!!

:: 配这些酱料吃, HO CHIAK~ HO CHIAK~


还有哦,记得我们9月的约定哦!!!!!!! o(^________^)v

22 thoughts on “Farewell@The Manhattan Fish Market , SOGO

  1. 你今天很多节目哦~呵呵~

  2. Aiyah Kawa,

    Yuan Lai (Mandarin) that was thena’s farewell meh….. aiyah!!!! Tot that alredi done the farewell in Mdm Kwan’s the other day???!!!! But, can’t make it also, caused leader dragged me to PJ, Plaza Crystal on that night. Huh, this occassion made me remember of the dinner we had the other night at Mdm Kwan’s. Huh, why that Kawa hasn’t mail me the photos geh??!! Could be she has forgotten my email address??!! Ok ok, so i give again. Kawa may either send it to [email protected] or [email protected]

    Hmmm….. Manhanthan I tasted before good good good!!!! Wa!!!! pictures tell me that you all ladies really greater eaters wor!!!! ordered so many food one???!!! The PJ Plaza Crystal event was really a bored one!!! Better go with you all, but leader said I must follow her to go there :(

    Hey Kawa, share with me the picx from Manhanthan la…. I know Pair San also ma…..

    Hey date in September???!!! what date, what date??!! maybe i can join ah??!! but, my sales also not good, if i join your gals, feel guilty also caused no production for my sales……. :(

    ok la,
    till then,
    Siew Li.

    • walao eh~ this msg so long1~~ @@
      Siew Li, how long u take to write this msg ar?????

      yaya..i thought athena told u that…
      nvm la..still got other chances wat…
      on 29september(sat) maybe we go to sing K for celebrate athena’s bday…u want to join us??? if want confirm to me @ here la~

      sorry…i am busy this few days n also lazy to sign in my mail box (b4 i oready told u wat…i dislike to check mail~)….paiseh paiseh o ~ i will send u the photos asap la…i try my best :P

      where got ordered many o…juz a sharing meal only…
      after that..i still feel hungry… ;P
      hahaha..next time u come to office i let u c the photos …
      coz can’t public @ here…if not i scared athena, pair sun and my sis will kill me….>< omg....y feel guilty ?????? dun like that la..come out n join us relax relax la...if not later u become crazy ar!!! ok la, keep in touch....take care and wish u get business soon~

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